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The Audit Toolbar thumbs through a set of accounts automating the repetitive tasks, giving you back 40 hours per audit. It bangs out audit results so consistent and accurate, you'll never lie awake at night again thinking "what have we missed?"

Save 20% on the cost of audits
Save 40% overall time spent on audits
Save 90% time on key tasks
1 day to ROI

Does this sound like you?

You’ve got a small army of auditors doing dozens of audits. They’re manually flipping through months of transactions grinding out repetitive tasks in Excel, losing the will to audit.

The result? Progress is slow, accuracy is going out of the window, and you’re lying awake at night wondering if there’s a ticking time bomb somewhere that you’ve missed. Nightmare.

If only there was an audit tool that could scoop up all the repetitive, mundane tasks and rattle through them in minutes, without a mistake.

Welcome to The Audit Toolbar

At a Glance


Clean messy datasets in seconds


Run bullet-proof samples with no hassle


Run multiple analyses super efficiently

No Fuss

Manage templates with no fuss


Rock-solid working papers automatically generated

50x faster

Boost efficiency by completing tasks up to 50x faster

Trusted by thousands of auditors

Built for Auditors By Auditors

We’re auditors just like you, so we understand the grind and risk of doing the same manual tasks again and again (and again). We built The Audit Toolbar to solve our own problem, but it solves yours too.

What is The Audit Toolbar?

The Audit Toolbar is an Excel plug-in bursting at the seams with all the tools you need to speed up your audit work.

It plays nicely with hundreds of tools and platforms, it’s ridiculously simple to use, and will change your relationship with your clients and your whole audit team (the regulator will love it too).

How do you like your audits?

Consistent Quality Assured
Delivered by motivated teams

Lower the stakes

Whether you’re at the sharp end working on audits, signing them off, keeping them compliant, or something in between, The Audit Toolbar will give you more dinners at home with your partner, and fewer sleepless nights.

What’s it do?

What does The Audit Toolbar do?
The Audit Toolbar is a plug-in that lives within Excel . It automates and takes care of all of the boring, repetitive stuff that no-one likes, while you focus on the big important stuff that really matters.

General Ledger makeover

Turn a messy general ledger into clean audit-ready data in seconds.
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A clean freak’s dream

Clean up and format disparate data sources, ready to use, in real-time.
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Templates on their best behaviour

You know the; “Organise, manage and customise everyone’s templates” nightmare? We’ve made it a single, simple process.
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Sampling made simple

Whatever your go-to sampling method, The Audit Toolbar will serve samples on a plate at the click of a mouse.
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Working papers with no work

Good news. Lengthy working papers (with tick-marking and legends) are now press-button simple.
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Everything and more

Error catching, quick formatting, tick-marking, finalisation. All this and a side of loaded fries. The Audit Toolbar automates and simplifies all the boring, repetitive, routine tasks.
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The Audit Toolbar is jam packed with features

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Customer Testimonials

The Audit Toolbar is a game-changer for auditors.

“Making use of The Audit Toolbar has streamlined our processes, making tasks easier and much quicker to complete.”


Partner at Crowe JHB

"From the very first training session of The Audit Toolbar, we knew it was a must-have for our team. It has consistently exceeded our expectations ever since."

Chloe Crous

Audit Senior at BGR Cato

"I love it and use it everywhere that I can. The Audit Toolbar team is excellent with feedback and updates based on our needs." 

Andre de Jager

Audit Senior at BGR Cato

"My firm and the Audit toolbar have come a long way together. It works well within expectations and I don't have anything negative to say about it"

Wessel Wessels

Director at Renier Botha & Associates Inc

"We have enjoyed using The Audit Toolbar and find that the team behind it are exceptional. This shows in the Tool's constant updates and responsiveness of their support line"

Shaun Pullan ACCA

Head Of Business Services at Thomas Coombs

"I really love the functions that the Audit Toolbar provides like the GL cleaners, Templates and tickmarks and the sampling tool. Overall it is a massive time saver"

Ashton Kruger

Audit Manager at Enslins Inc

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